Wednesday, July 16, 2008

026: Beginning of the Bus Trek

When should Amos use the bathroom?
Now: 5 votes
On the bus: 3 votes
Amos stood up and bounced from foot to foot, pointing towards the bathroom.

GR sighed, and said, "Yeah, go ahead and use it now. The bus isn't even here yet."

"Nods!" said Amos, dashing off towards the bathroom.

GR rifled through his bag. He brought several t-shirts and a lot of guns. Not normal guns, however: these were old video game accessories which had been repurposed to shoot actual bullets. Basically, he had taken the plastic casings off the accessories and managed to shove actual gun parts into them. Amazingly, they worked, and gave him the element of surprise. Barring pixilated ducks, no one really expected one of these to do any real damage. Many still had the cords attached to them, which GR would use to garrote people. Well, not people. Zombies and whatnot. It was difficult to garrote things which didn't breathe, but he managed. After all, fighting the supernatural was basically his job. It came with a few perks, but also brought with it a sort of low-level psychosis. In times of extreme stress, GR...

Well, we'll just see what happens to GR when the time comes.

Amos, meanwhile, was having trouble with the bathroom. He also suffered from psychoses brought about by his job, a sort of reality warping work-related stress. As mentioned, it made him speak only in what he thought was onomatopoeia but was actually a mixture of onomatopoeia and saying the names of basic actions. He also found himself unable to use anything invented after the Civil War, which meant he could not drive a car. He could ride in one, yes, but he had to shut his eyes and hum tunelessly while doing so. He was dreading the bus ride to South Carolina. The bus station's bathroom was actually quite clean and nice, but Amos's affliction ignored this, and focused on the fact that it was rich with plumbing. Yet, he had to use the bathroom and they were in the middle of a city. The bus might have been easier, with its bathroom being basically a mobile outhouse. Amos sighed, and began to focus his willpower to overcome his affliction, at least for a little while. After several minutes, he was able to focus on the unbelievable cleanliness of the bathroom, which came as quite a relief.

At this point, GR was going through Amos's things. He had no real reason to do so, other than that he was bored and forgot to bring any sort of portable gaming device. There were several Civil War-era uniforms there, all for the Confederate side. GR knew that this was not because Amos was a die-hard Confederate, if such things even still existed, but rather because he used to enjoy participating in Civil War re-enactments. When Amos's afflictions first began, he was wearing the Confederate uniform, so it was only by purest chance that Amos didn't dress as a Union soldier. Amos had also packed several Civil War-era weapons, all of which were in perfect working order. He took care of his things, did Amos.

"Cough." said a voice from behind GR, who was fooling around with one of Amos's crossbows.

"That's onomatopoeia," said GR, turning around, "Good job, Amos."

"Cough cough," said Amos, pointing from the crossbow to a concerned-looking police officer.

The blood drained from GR's face. He was, after all, a fugitive and he was about to travel south, and both he and his companion were heavily armed. He tried to smile at the officer, who just stared.

"The 5:15 to South Carolina is leaving in ten minutes," said a pleasant female voice over the loud-speaker, "Please make your way there."

Something about the voice struck GR as wrong. Not unpleasant, mind you, but wrong. He and his compatriots had taken the bus several times, and it was always a gruff masculine voice. Not only that, but this new voice really had no idea how to do its job. GR noticed that he was still holding the crossbow, and that the police officer was walking slowly towards them. GR put the crossbow back into Amos's bag, and then handed it to Amos. He picked up his own bag, saluted the police officer, and he and Amos walked quickly towards the bus. The police officer was about to say something when the loud-speaker came on again.

"Would all available security please report to the central bus terminal? Thank you. Repeat, all available security is to report to the central bus terminal."

The officer looked at GR, shook his head, and hurried towards where he assumed the central bus terminal was. GR and Amos looked at each other, shrugged, and walked onto the bus. They sat near the back, but soon found that the bus had only one other passenger. GR could tell it was a woman, but she was wearing an odd hooded cloak. He assumed that he and Amos weren't the only ones to receive the call from TYRIS. He stared, unashamed, at the back of the woman's head while Amos began whittling again. Soon, a shifty-looking man in a bus driver's uniform entered the bus and sat down in the driver's seat.

"Attention all passengers. Thank you for choosing the bus instead of a car, or a plane, or even the freaking train. Oh god, I hate the train. It's on a track. A track. What sort of sense does that make? Then you have to plan all your travel things around where the tracks go and it's all just too much trouble. Freaking trains. I swear, if I see a train coming, I am going to build up speed and ram that mother-" there was a high-pitch screech "-train right off the damn track. In any case, our trip is going to take a while, about three or four days which includes stops. All three of you have room to make yourselves comfortable. Enjoy the ride."

GR was still staring at the back of the woman's head. He wondered if he should talk to her or not, and continued staring as the bus lurched forward and began the long trek to South Carolina.
Should GR talk to the woman?

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