Friday, April 4, 2008

What This is About (FAQ)

Welcome to "Choose Your Own Blogventure". Here I'll be answering some questions about what, exactly, this is.

1) What is "Choose Your Own Blogventure"?

You may be familiar with the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, where you would be thrust into an unlikely situation and be forced to work your ways around myriad paths until either coming to a gruesome end or coming out on top. Well, this is kind of like that but not quite. It's more like the Super Mario CYOA books, in which you would decide where Mario went and he would eventually come to a gruesome end or come out on top. It's not even like that, though. This is how things will be done:

-I will post part of a story. At the end of the part, you'll get several paths for the main character to follow.
-You will vote on which path you want the main character to follow. All three options will have something pre-written for them.
-The main character will do what you want him to.

2) What if the main guy dies during the course of this?

I guess we'll have to dredge up a new one, then.

3) How long will each story be?

It's one never-ending story, but each plotline will take several months. I plan on updating this weekly, so we'll see how all this goes.


If you already have a blog with the name "Choose Your Own Blogventure" (which is quite likely, but I'm too lazy to look) then let me know and I'll change this blog's name.

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hannerz said...

This sounds like an awesome idea! I will read it for sure.