Monday, April 7, 2008

Charleston Charge and the Company

The man's name is Charleston Charge, and he's an insurance salesman. Well, that's not entirely accurate. While he does sell insurance, he also does some claim adjustment. The main thing he does, though, is special jobs his employer needs done. Not anything illegal, mind you. The guy's as straight-laced as his job allows. It's just that the insurance he sells is no ordinary insurance, and sometimes a bit of a special touch is needed to make sure things go right.

The company he works for is Tahmores, Yair, and Ruggiero Insurance and Security Incorporated, commonly abbreviated to TYRIS Inc. It was founded by Rudolf Tahmores, Anthony Yair, and Theodore Ruggiero in 1871 in South Carolina. TYRIS began by offering insurance against the various supernatural elements that had begun to haunt plantations but soon branched out into selling insurance against any sort of supernatural, occult, cryptozoological, extraterrestrial, and just plain weird phenomenon. If you're the sort of person whose house is infested by the damned souls of a million angry orphans, you call the company.

Charleston's branch (a company like TYRIS is a global operation, after all) consists of himself, several other go-to guys, and several specialists. This is not to say that Charleston is too shabby at protecting himself. He's able to deal and take more punishment than any mortal man should, but he doesn't like telling that story much. The dispatcher for his company, who lets people know where they might be needed, and where they've been asked to come. If they come uninvited, though, you'd best listen to them: they know what they're doing.

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