Wednesday, June 18, 2008

018: Charleston Begins his Quest

CHOICE A (Investigate the last place he saw the vampire cult): 6 votes
CHOICE B (Hook up with a group of hunters): 3 votes
CHOICE C (Solo it and hope for the best): 0 votes
Charleston's leg was still rather stiff, but he was able to walk without a cane. He knew that this might be disadvantageous, considering how a cane could double as a stake, and he was going to investigate vampires. He still remembered the conversation he had with Robin Banks and Land Captain before submitting his vacation request:

"You said you would either go and investigate the last place you saw the cult, meet up with a group of hunters, or solo it and hope for the best," said Land Captain, "What's the difference between the investigating and soloing it?"

Charleston shrugged, opened his mouth to say something, paused, and shrugged again.

"You weren't going to just blindly wander around, were you?" said Robin, looking over Charleston's request.

Charleston shrugged again, and said, "Maybe."

"So you were just going to wander around and wait for something to happen. No plan and no partner. Where were you planning on doing this wandering?"

Charleston shrugged again. By this point, he had taken off his hat and was holding it in front of him like a shield. He was also looking at the floor, downcast, like a child who had been reprimanded for shaving the cat.

"Also, you refuse to sign the form stating that Edolie DePrit died while on a mission. Why?"

"They didn't find a body."


"If they didn't find a body, then there's no proof that she's dead."

"He's right," said Land Captain, "Even then, sometimes it's hard to tell. In one of the universes I traveled to, there was this woman who was possessed by a cosmic force and she kept dying and coming back. Heck, look at Jesus Christ. They beat the living daylights out of him and buried him, and he came back three days later."

Robin pinched the bridge of his nose, "You're not helping, Land Captain."

"Just saying. Vampires and zombies, too, but I guess that's a bit different."

Robin sighed, and looked at Charleston, "So you've decided to go to the place you last saw this cult?"

"Yes," said Charleston, "It's a warehouse downtown."

"Are you taking anyone with you?"

"No sir. Edolie said she would help me, and I have faith she'll turn up eventually. Besides, I wouldn't want to put anyone else in harm's way for this. It's personal, after all."

"I reiterate, how is this different from going solo?"

"Well, if I went solo, I guess I'd just wander around dark streets and hope for a vampire to get me. Then I'd get information from him."

"Or you'd become an undead, at which point we'd have to cancel your benefits package and you'd be effectively fired."

Robin signed the vacation request form, and waved to Charleston, "Good bye, and good luck. Hope to see you back soon."

Land Captain shook Charleston's hand, and said, "If you ever need any help, don't hesitate to call me. Ishmael, Liana, and I will be there in a jiffy."

"They're Group LC," said Robin, "It seemed best that way. Now get out of here, you're wasting your..." Robin looked at the vacation request form, "Three years of vacation. Good lord."

Charleston stood up, put on his hat, and walked out the door, "See you soon!"

Now Charleston was standing outside the warehouse. When he had last seen it, it was an abandoned warehouse where the vampire cult had made a sort of shrine to their dark lord.

Now it was a club.

A comedy club.

Not only that, but a popular comedy club.

Charleston sighed. There was a fifteen dollar cover charge to get in, which he thought was rather absurd. He was also pretty sure that only night clubs had cover charges, and thought the word admission might be a much better fit. But no, the sign said cover charge. The comedian, or at least the performer who claimed to be a comedian, was a man named Tim Aneric. Charleston had never heard of him, but there was a line outside the club. Leading to the front door, where there was a cover charge. He had managed to figure out that a cabin was disrupting space-time and creating giant frogs, but was baffled by the fact that there was a cover charge. Chances are, there was also a side or back entrance as well, for staff and talent. He thought for a moment, and came up with four ways to go about this. Other than going home and forgetting about the whole thing and living off vacation pay for the next three years, that is.

The first way would be to pay the cover charge to get inside. The only problem was that this offended Charleston's sensibilities to a point where it hurt his mind. The second way would be to bluff his way inside through the front door, something closer to his heart. There was no outright sneaking into the front door, however, which is what the side door was for. Side doors were made for sneaking. He could also bluff his way in through the side door. He was bound to think of something.

He got into the line, confident that he would think of something before he reached the alley leading to the hypothetical side door.

Which should Charleston choose?
CHOICE A: Pay the cover charge
CHOICE B: Bluff his way in through the front
CHOICE C: Bluff his way in through the back
CHOICE D: Sneak into the back

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