Sunday, June 1, 2008

013: Edolie's Fury

Liana's laboratory: 0 votes
Up the stream: 9 votes
In the woods: 3 votes
"Well," said Liana, "The best place to find frogs is upstream."

"Brilliant idea," said Charleston, "Except I just realized that we probably can't go upstream in this thing. Unless we have some sort of boat."

"No boat," said Land Captain, "Mister Banks did send two pairs of fancy water-shoes, though."

Charleston stared at him in disbelief, "He sent water-shoes on a mission with a man who is walking with a cane?"

"Well, maybe you can build a little raft and Miss DePrit can sort of drag you along, Charleston," said Land Captain, "Liana and I will stay here and set up a base."

"Why aren't you coming?"

"I can't stand the water, sir."

"You're a captain, though!"

"The Land Captain."

Charleston pondered this for a moment, and then nodded, "Yes. Yes you are. Do we at least have some tents we can take with us in case it takes longer to get upstream than I think it will?"

"I have already prepared the supplies," said Edolie, "We are ready, Mister Charge!"

"I like your gumption," said Charleston, tipping his hat.

"Thank you, Mister Charge. Liana has gone to fetch a rubber raft she kept in her lab. When she returns, we can depart."

Charleston nodded, and exited the RV. The last time he had been here, Liana had attacked him with a school of murderous flying fish. He hoped this time would go better. Liana emerged from the very lab she had attacked him in, with a self-inflating raft. She inflated it and placed it in the water. Edolie put the supplies in the raft, and beckoned Charleston forward. He eased himself into the raft as Edolie put on a pair of water-shoes and a skin-tight wetsuit.

Well, thought Charleston, at least the view will be nice.

The pair set out, with Charleston trying not to stare at Edolie’s backside. Unfortunately, it was the most interesting thing to see. Ten minutes later, they came to the end of the stream, to a small pond. The raft completely covered it. Edolie helped Charleston out of the raft.

"Well," said Charleston, "I've seen this frog. It couldn't fit into this pond."

Edolie nodded, "I have heard your report. I do not think any frog lives in this pond, to be honest. It is not the right sort of place for a frog."

Charleston could not help himself, "So you say there are no frogs here?"

"There are no frogs here."

"Ah, but there's one frog here," said Charleston, pointing at Edolie, "You're French! You're a frog!" He laughed.

Edolie looked at him coldly, "That is not funny, Mister Charge."

Charleston laughed some more, and said, "I know, it's terrible. I just couldn't help myself."

Edolie went from cold, to pouty, "I thought we might be friends, Mister Charge, and then you go and make fun of me." She turned around. "You make me sad. Why do you do this?" She began to cry.

Charleston's heart broke. "I'm sorry, Edolie, I just thought it would be funny, is all."

The tears vanished, and she turned around and poked him in the chest, "It is not funny, Mister Charge! Why do you make fun of me for my own amusement? I cannot help being French! The only one who could receive any amount of joy from your terrible joke is you! There is no one else here!"

Charleston backed away from Edolie’s fury. "I'm sorry, Edolie, I really am. I didn't know-"

"You did not know? You did not know? Oh, I shall make fun of her and not know it would hurt her! I read your file, Mister Charge! It is no wonder your girlfriend left you for a vampire, if you are this rude!" Edolie’s hand shot to her mouth.

Charleston looked at the ground and covered his face, "She was under mind control, or something. He had a glamour on her I think. Someday I'm going to go free her, and we'll be happy. Until then, please don't mention her. It hurts too much to hear about her, to know that I might never get to see her again, to hold her again. I can win her back, I just know I can, if I just get a chance. I don't care what anyone else says. I can win her back." He turned around.

Edolie and Charleston stood by the pond for a moment, in silence. In the distance, there was a plop.

"I am sorry, Mister Charge," said Edolie, "I was out of place to say that."

Charleston said nothing.

"Please, Mister Charge!" said Edolie, stepping forward and putting her hand on his shoulder, "Please do not hate me! We have only known each other for not even one day, and I do not want us to get a bad start!"

Charleston put his finger to his lips, and shushed her.

In the distance, there was another plop.

"Did you hear that?" he whispered.

"Do you think it is the frog?" asked Edolie.

"Maybe. I think we should go after it."

"Yeah," said Charleston, "Get the capture stuff out of the raft. I need to take some notes."

Edolie trotted over to the raft, and Charleston pulled out his tape recorder. He sighed happily, and turned it on, "During a brief verbal confrontation with my partner, I heard what sounded like a plop in the distance. We suspect it may be the frog we are looking for. Edolie has gone to get supplies, and then we are setting off after it." He put the tape recorder away as Edolie walked back with a satchel.

"This will be all we need, Mister Charge," she said.

Charleston took Edolie’s hand, and looked her in the eyes, "Edolie, before we go, I want to apologize for what I said. It was very rude of me, and I'm usually not like that. I have no idea what came over me."

Edolie was blushing, and she smiled a little, "I would also like to apologize. It was unprofessional of me to bring up your personal past, Mister Charge."

"Well, we have time to make it up to each other. Oh, and call me Charleston." He pulled his hand back, smiled, and walked off in the direction of the plop. "Hopefully you'll live! All my other partners have been killed or otherwise disposed of in the line of duty!" He tipped his hat to her, and walked off into the woods.

"Are you making a joke again, Charleston?" said Edolie, with a chuckle. After a few seconds, she said, "Charleston?"

He was already out of earshot, adapting nicely to his cane and bionic leg. He honestly did hope Edolie would live, and therefore stopped for a moment to plan his next course of action.

He could continue on without Edolie. This would give him the chance to investigate by himself. Unfortunately, this would also leave Edolie alone in the woods. Charleston distrusted the woods, and really didn't want to leave Edolie in there alone.

Then again, if he waited for her, she would be put directly into harm's way. He could protect her better, but the fact remained that all his other partners met their fate when Charleston was there to watch. It was a difficult choice, but one he had to make quickly.


Jen Von said...

Ha ha! Land Captain hates the water! Way to go Mike, you gave me my first good chuckle of the day. Thanks!

Mike P said...

I'm glad you liked it. =)